100% Natural Pure Grape Wine
from the Finger Lakes

O-Neh-Da Vineyard is the oldest authentic producer of premium sacramental wine in the New World.

Founded in 1872 by Bishop Bernard McQuaid, O-Neh-Da Vineyard was established to produce authentic sacramental wine for local churches.

O-Neh-Da remains true to that founding vision today.

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Winemaking Philosophy

At O-Neh-Da, we believe from great suffering grows great character, and the same holds true for our wine.  The Finger Lakes is a cool climate grape growing region which presents its challenges. Life for Finger Lakes grapes is not easy.  Through their struggle the grapes develop great character which is reflected in the premium wine produced throughout the Region.


2016 Riesling

1.5% R.S. 11.1% Alc. Succulent, supple juicy-fruit flavors explode on the palate leaving lasting, lingering citrus and melon. 750 ml.

About Us

A New Generation of Winemakers

The best wines are born in the noblest lands. The diversity and great richness of our terroirs located in the most recognized valleys of the country give us an incalculable potential to elaborate wines of the highest quality

We are now open for outdoor tastings every Saturday & Sunday from Noon – 6pm.

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